DecoBOARD 330
 uses a tongue and groove 
system to hide any fixings making it ideal for covering 
existing wall which are unhygienic. The 9mm PVC 
panel system can provide a cost effective way of
upgrading an existing area to meet hygeine
DecoBOARD is Harlech’s range of hygienic panelling. Each panel has different properties aimed at a
variety of uses with the common aim of creating a sanitary environment.  The range comes in four
types 330, 400, 1100 and 1200.
DecoBOARD 330
 version differs from the others due to its 
insulative properties. Available in a range of finishes
and thickness, the panelling system uses a male and 
female sealed connection, making them perfect for
coldrooms or similar projects.
DecoBOARD 1200
 uses a mineral wool core to
give it resistance againt fire, but can also has a
foodsafe finish.
DecoBOARD 400
has a honeycomb structure
giving it high impact resistance and stand alone 
strength. It can be utilised in a range of situations due
to its versitility.
Key features:
Hidden fixings
Cost effective
Easy to install
Key features:
Standalone strength
Withstands high impact
Key features:
Perfect for temperature controlled
Come in a range of thicknesses
Lengths up to 16m
Key features:
Foodsafe fire partitions
Fire resistance
Male and female connections
DecoBOARD 1100
DecoBOARD 1200
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